Aswering Kansas City Bankruptcy Questions

Find a helpful bankruptcy lawyer at Holcomb Law to answer all of your Kansas City bankruptcy questions!

kansas city bankruptcy questionsBankruptcy is a serious issue that many Americans are faced with everyday. Debt can be hard to pay off whenever you have monthly bills to pay and food to put on the table. Before you file, there are many Kansas City bankruptcy questions you will want to get answered.

Kansas City bankruptcy questions: What is Kansas City bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a process where a consumer or business can eliminiate or repay the majority or all of the debt owed under the protection on the federal court. There is a liquidation and reorganization option. The individual paying the debt back will have a permanent impact on the credit score of that individual.

Kansas City bankruptcy questions: How do I know which Chapter of Bankruptcy to file for?

Only a bankruptcy lawyer at Holcomb Law Offices can help you deciede which Chapter of Bankruptcy is better for your unique situation. You will either need to liquidate your assets (Chapter 7) or reorganize your financial to fit monthly payments (Chapter 13). Click here to speak to a member of the Holcomb Law Offices P.C. today!

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