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calculator-385506_640Solve your consuming debt with Holcomb Law’s debt settlement attorney in Kansas City.

At Holcomb Law, we come across many clients who have accumulated high amounts of debt who think there is no way out. Some clients discover that they have money available (whether it is due to an inheritance, retirement cash out, or anything of that nature) and desire to pay a portion of their debt. If you find yourself in this situation, Holcomb Law recommends that you consult an attorney that is knowledgable in the debt settlement industry.

The attorneys at Holcomb Law can help negotiate with your debt collectors to decrease the amount you owe in hopes that you can use your remaining funds to dig yourself out of the never ending debt cycle. The first consultation at Holcomb Law is free to better meet the needs of every client. This meeting allows our attorney’s to determine what is the best plan of action according to your specific needs.

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